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Keep Bugs and Zombie Code out of your Embedded Systems Product Development

Zombie code are those pieces of “undead” software and code designs that nobody wants to change, or the change requests are in the backlog due to late discovery. This article contrasts a traditional embedded software development workflow with a workflow using ETAS SCODE-ANALYZER which results in a 100% complete and consistent design without bugs or superfluous code.

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ETAS INCA 7.3 – Don’t leave home, or calibrate, without it

Winter Testing with ETAS INCA

Are you an engineer planning a winter calibration trip? Maybe looking to create a massive, do-it-all experiment and want fast loading times? Regardless of the calibration road you are taking, you want to put ETAS INCA 7.3 on your list

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The “Fuzz” on Automotive Cybersecurity Testing

Fuzz testing offers a high benefit-to-cost ratio and can often reveal serious defects that are overlooked when software is written and debugged.

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The Enterprise Analytics Toolbox now comes with a Configuration Creator

ETAS Enterprise Analytics Toolbox

With “measure all” in mind, we continue to strive to create the best analytic software for the industry. The new release, EATB 4.1, comes with one major new feature that will help engineers save even more time – the Configuration Creator.

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