A turnkey start to building an AUTOSAR ECU

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Picture this: you and your team of software engineers need to create an ECU using AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture). But no one has used AUTOSAR before. Within the team, individuals have varying levels of overall experience, but to be successful, every team member needs to know and understand:

  • OEM requirements (network descriptions, ECU extracts, partial ECU C values, etc.)
  • AUTOSAR architecture and workflows
  • AUTOSAR tools
  • Functional safety requirements and implementation
  • Security requirements and implementation

It’s quite the daunting and time-intensive task. You could really benefit from some expert guidance or, better yet, a turnkey resource with all the necessary software tools and evaluation licenses as well as example application software and configurations to get you started.

Get help getting started

To address this common challenge, ETAS has developed the RTA-CAR (Classic AUTOSAR) Starter Kit, a ready-to-use, complete AUTOSAR stack to give you a turnkey start to your AUTOSAR ECU build. Rather than starting from scratch, which could take several months, the Starter Kit includes a fully integrated and configured AUTOSAR ECU, running on an evaluation board, enabling communication of basic messages on a CAN bus. This means, the integration of RTA-BSW (basic software), RTA-OS (operating system), RTA-RTE (runtime environment) and MCAL (micro-controller abstraction layer) is included and configured to a sample configuration. A set of sample applications, hardware startup scripts, debug scripts and more are included to enable a quick start for users.

It’s everything you need to see and experiment with an AUTOSAR application running on a real or virtual target system. In addition to the AUTOSAR stack, it includes:

  • Relevant ARXML files
  • Full source code for all application software modules
  • Full source code for all basic software modules (excluding the OS)

For teams new to AUTOSAR, it’s a lot to take in and understand. That’s why ETAS compliments the Starter Kit with training by an ETAS AUTOSAR expert. Training takes two days and covers topics including AUTOSAR methodology, Starter Kit details, additional ETAS support/services and more.

Support throughout the process

The approach of providing a Starter Kit, customized to a customer’s microcontroller, has been developed by ETAS based on our many years of experience in supporting our customers to ensure their success.  Of course, the Starter Kit is only a starting point.  But what happens when you get beyond the starter kit phase and get into the trenches of actually building your ECU – what are the right tools and software necessary for your application? And how do you keep all the information secure? That’s what differentiates the ETAS offering from others. Our experts are with you every step of your AUTOSAR experience to ensure you have a safe, secure and operational ECU.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you kick off your understanding and use of AUTOSAR with support throughout the process, please contact us.