A Virtual Battery for the Testing of Battery Management Systems

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Battery Cell Simulator with DESK-LABCARA Battery Management System (BMS) is an electronic control unit that is heavily used in electric and hybrid vehicles for efficient, reliable and safe control of battery packs.

Are you happy with your process of testing Battery Management Systems?

Testing Battery Management Systems on real battery packs can be extremely time-consuming and presents many potentially critical safety concerns if packs are driven out of their desired operating states. Are you familiar with these challenges and could your process be improved?

A virtual solution: ETAS BCS-LABCAR

ETAS and COMEMSO have jointly developed a high-precision Battery Cell Simulator (BCS-LABCAR) which allows users to emulate the signal-level behavior of individual battery cells and battery packs across a wide range of challenging operating conditions, e.g. active and passive balancing, over-charging, deep discharging, or pulsed operation. The simulator is highly modular and thus scalable. Battery packs from a single cell all the way up to 200 cells can be emulated. Furthermore, the BCS-LABCAR can be expanded with additional features such as software controllable isolation checks, temperature and shunt emulation, standard communication buses, digital and analog I/O channels, and additional HV power supplies.

ETAS DESK-LABCAR is used to control the Battery Cell Simulator via CAN-bus communication. The DESK-LABCAR also contains a real-time simulation target (LABCAR-RTPC) which enables customers to run either their in-house plant models or the ETAS LABCAR-MODEL-BAT model, a fully configurable Simulink®-based battery model (or other 3rd party models, such as MapleSim) for simulating relevant battery states at the cell level.

A highly precise system

The BCS-LABCAR is provided with active compensation for any temperature variations and controls the precise voltage at the electrical connection point of the BMS. This guarantees the same precision over the entire temperature range, a pre-condition for realistic, reproducible tests. See below for detailed technical data.

For more information, go to the BCS-LABCAR pages on www.etas.com.  If you have any questions, just write them in the comments below.

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