ETAS Inc., a full-service solutions provider for the software-defined vehicle and located in Plymouth, Michigan, is a subsidiary of ETAS GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH.

Approximately 2,300 global associates work under the ETAS brand to develop and sell basic vehicle software, middleware, close services and development tools. This powerhouse of experience and knowledge enables the company to address market demands for one of the biggest transformations in the automotive industry – the software-defined vehicle. As software takes center state and the software-defined vehicle shapes key trends, we are helping customers reinvent secure mobility solutions.

We deliver a comprehensive end-to-end software defined vehicle portfolio, comprising the required in-vehicle software stack, holistic cybersecurity, and cloud-based operations services – enabling fast and data-driven development, efficient deployment and management, as well as safe and secure operation of vehicle software at scale. In delivering these outstanding solutions, we leverage open-source communities and strongly believe in partnerships for broad cross-company collaboration.

As a single source for developing complex software, we have the ability to facilitate a rapid transition to the software-defined vehicle for global automakers, enabling the speed, scale and security required for them to achieve their aggressive software development goals. Our ability to drive direct deployment and efficiently scaled systems separates us from competitors.

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