An AUTOSAR OS that is tailor-made AND mass-produced

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When it comes to manufacturing anything, in general there are two different approaches:

  • Tailor-made, where a thing is created to fit one situation exactly.
  • Mass-produced, where the exact same thing is made many times. It might not be a perfect fit, but it’s done at a lower cost.

The same general ideas also apply to software: you can write bespoke software or use a standard off-the-shelf product. Surely it is a contradiction expect an off-the-shelf software product to be able to provide a tailored solution?

Not necessarily. In the case of the AUTOSAR OS it is possible to do exactly that.

Classic AUTOSAR OS requires a fixed configuration where all OS components are defined in advance. This configuration (defined in ARXML – AUTOSAR XML), describes exactly what a specific application needs from the OS.

Rather than simply using a fixed library of OS code, RTA-OS, the AUTOSAR OS implementation from ETAS uses the ARXML configuration to craft an instance of the OS that is directly based on the needs of the application. This means that modules that are not needed by the OS are not included. It also means that individual OS services are customized based on the architectural features that are present. RTA-OS also handles the generation of an OS library, making use of proven build time options that give the best object code.

The end result is an OS that meets the AUTOSAR requirements, while being customized to provide the leanest implementation for any given application. Tailor-made AND mass-produced.

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