Resources for Empowering Tomorrow’s Automotive Software

We deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end software-defined vehicle portfolio, comprising the required in-vehicle software stack, holistic cybersecurity, and cloud-based operations services – enabling fast and data-driven development, efficient deployment and management, as well as safe and secure operation of vehicle software at scale.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection for Enhanced Vehicle Security

As vehicle cyber-security advances, and as more cyber-security measures are implemented in the vehicle, it will become increasingly difficult for an attacker to penetrate the vehicle network. The need for Network based Intrusion Detection will therefore decrease, however, the benefits of Anomaly Detection will not.

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Safety and security for developing products that perfectly integrate both… all under one roof

Are you concerned about the growing complexity of implementing your embedded controls software platforms? The challenges coming from electrification and highly autonomous driving will be both exciting and daunting, requiring unprecedented levels of safety and security. You will need an experienced and proven partner to thrive in this new automotive environment.

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Ready for ADAS and Beyond: The Evolution of the ETAS ETK

Automotive Embedded Control Units (ECUs) which feature numerous sophisticated software functions are crucial to attain today’s high vehicle standards in terms of performance, safety, responsiveness, drivability, fuel savings and emissions.
To develop and calibrate these ECU functions, direct access to the ECU measurement variables and control parameters via the ECU memory is required, and that’s where the ETAS ETK comes in.

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