Using ETAS INCA and HIOKI’s Power Analyzer to build the EV of the Future

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You now can bring in high-precision electrical measurements into your INCA experiments!

The development of electric powertrains poses new measurement challenges when compared to classical applications with internal combustion engines.

One of those challenges is related to the high-voltage, high-current electrical measurements that includes high-frequency components due to the high-speed switching of the inverter. Modern vehicle electrification development requires precise electrical measurements of the motors, inverters and batteries for efficient development of the ECU software and plant models.

HIOKI logoElectric energy measurements coming from high precision devices, such as HIOKI’s Power Analyzer PW6001, can now be merged with ECU software calibration and measurement data directly into your ETAS INCA experiment, contributing to more efficient electric powertrain development.

Figure 1 – INCA Power Analyzer Add-on and hardware integration.

Solution Advantages

The INCA Power Analyzer Add-on brings data from HIOKI Power Analyzer into your INCA experiment environment, enabling the high precision electrical data to benefit from INCA’s rich visualization instruments, calculated signals and recording triggers. Data is inputted into INCA via Ethernet in cycles of 10ms and is recorded in traditional automotive measurement MDF format.

Accurate measurements of power conversion efficiency and loss can now be recorded in parallel to ECU measurements and CAN channels. This visualization of electrical powertrain’s behavior synchronously with ECU data, can strongly contribute to improved calibration accuracy and the development of high-quality plant models.


Figure 2 – INCA experiment. Data from Power Analyzer and ECU / CAN Bus

Webinar: Building the EV of the Future

HIOKI and ETAS have hosted a one-hour webinar on this topic.  The recording is available and is recommended for developers of all types of electric vehicles (battery electric/BEV, hybrid electric/HEV, plug-in hybrid/PHEV, extended range/E-REV, fuel-cell/FCEV, etc.) developers of electric control units for electric vehicles, and test engineers/test technicians who need to accurately characterize the electric drive train of EVs.  View the webinar …

Do you want to learn more or see a demonstration?

We’d love to hear more about your application.  Use our scheduling link or contact Henrique to talk about your particular use case or to arrange a demonstration.