ETAS INCA 7.3 – Don’t leave home, or calibrate, without it

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Are you an engineer planning a winter calibration trip? Maybe looking to create a massive, do-it-all experiment and want fast loading times? Regardless of the calibration road you are taking, you want to put ETAS INCA 7.3 on your list of trip to-dos.

In the past, if you had a multi-layer, high-variable capacity experiment, you had to ration your experiments to get the performance you desired. Even then, transferring experiment layers could take a long time. That was then, this – INCA 7.3 – is now.

64-bit, 20+ data sets, expanded measure data buffers, AUTOSAR support, and more

The application has transformed into a 64-bit application, that when operating with Windows 10, gives you the full memory access, not just the 4GB limit, of your computer. So, loading that multi-layer, high-variable capacity experiment will not compromise your laptop’s function. But that’s not all, additional benefits include:

  • Functional enhancements to address future calibration challenges (e.g. better hardware configuration, improved MatLab integration, automotive Ethernet, AUTOSAR support, ADAS calibration).
  • Ability to load more than 20 data sets in the calibration data manager (CDM) without functionality issues.
  • Elimination of data overflow/overload errors while measuring thanks to significantly expanded measure data buffers.
  • Improved hardware configuration allowing you to have up to 4 CAN/CAN-FD description files on one CAN/CAN-FD node. And yes, you can now mix .dbc (database configuration) with AUTOSAR files.

ETAS INCA V7.3 Hardware Configurator

Adding metadata to your recorded data

Thinking ahead to your winter calibration trip and the massive amounts of data you’ll collect – wouldn’t it be nice to have something to help you identify what you did each day? INCA 7.3 allows you to add metadata to your recorded data by simply going to the “General” tab in the user options and selecting “yes” to the “Big Data” entry. By doing so, you can now add:

  • Specific calibrations used (what was used, various applications)
  • ECU software description file (A2L)
  • Calibration data sets loaded (Hex files)
  • Checksum to identify differences

And since all this information and your measure data is written to a measure data format file (MDF), it can be easily viewed in MDA version 8, the Measure Data Analyzer within INCA 7.3.

ETAS INCA V7.3 Measure Data Analyzer

As you can see, INCA 7.3 is a significant change from previous versions. It not only prepares you for today’s calibration activities, but tomorrow’s calibration challenges.

Vehicle technology continues to change at a rapid pace. What hasn’t changed is INCA’s stability, reliability and performance as well as ETAS’ industry leadership, expertise and experience in measurement calibration development. So, before you plan that winter calibration trip, contact us to learn more about INCA 7.3 and see how it, along with our other solutions, can help you get the most out of your calibration activities.