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ETAS INCA, our powerful and flexible measurement and calibration tool, is used worldwide for the critical task of optimizing and tuning of embedded control algorithms to meet desired and prescribed system performance requirements.  INCA is in active use by more than 35,000 technical professionals and employed by most global vehicle OEMs and Tier1s for diverse projects involving internal combustion engines, transmissions, hybrid electric propulsion, battery management, chassis (steering, braking, etc.), and Automated Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS).


What can INCA do for you?

If your project involves control software executing in real-time on an embedded controller, or Electronic Control Unit (ECU), using INCA can help improve your time to market.  Vehicle-related ECU projects struggle today with increased controls complexity within individual controllers, while system engineers struggle with integration and coordination complexity across the entire vehicle system – and this is where you will benefit most from INCA’s capabilities.

  • Since INCA supports a wide variety of hardware interfaces and communication protocols, it can be used from early prototype stages (even in virtual environments) through vehicle production. Generally, the earlier the prototype, the more bandwidth and measurement data is required to verify and validate functionality.  Regardless of the amount of data that needs to be handled, INCA is up to the task.
  • All primary calibration tasks are covered by INCA – creation of initial data sets, hardware and communication configuration, flashing of the ECU, experiment creation and management, interactive ECU documentation, data collection, data analysis, and data set comparisons.


  • To further enhance operating efficiencies and provide confidence in the data collected from today’s complex systems, INCA’s architecture is designed to provide a single guaranteed system-wide accurate data time stamp, including ECU data (from multiple ECU time rasters), diagnostic data, GPS data, external measurements (e.g. temperature, pressure, etc.) and external video data.


INCA is highly compatible

Not only is INCA a highly functional and scalable tool in its own right, due to its adherence to industry standards and highly capable Application Programming Interface (API), INCA is easily integrated into your organization’s existing development tool chain and processes.

  • Interoperability with MathWork’s MATLAB & Simulink
  • Support of industry standard dynamometer automation protocols
  • Increase existing capabilities by extending or automating the extensive capabilities of INCA via the INCA API
  • Use of industry standard data formats allow for easy collaboration across the entire organization


INCA is backed by years of experience with the future in mind

When you make an investment in ETAS tools, your investment is protected for the long term and the strength of INCA lies not in what is “under the hood”, but what you are able to accomplish with it.

  • INCA has been used for measurement and calibration for over 20 years
  • With INCA’s industry standard interfaces, you are never locked in. ETAS is committed to openness for all its tools.
  • In addition to INCA, ETAS offers a complete portfolio of solutions to improve your development process efficiency
  • Global support and service, even in the arctic fjords or blistering sun … we have done it all!

How can we help with your project?

We’d love to talk to you about your specific project and needs.  And just because INCA can do it all, don’t think this level of functionality is beyond your means. We are happy to discuss pricing models for new customers.

Manguino HenriqueFor more information – contact the expert!

Henrique Manguino is a Field Application Engineer for Measurement and Calibration at ETAS Inc. and is an expert in all things INCA related.  If you are wondering about a certain functionality or if INCA would work for a specific use case, Henrique will be able to tell you. He has 8+ years of experience working with OEMs and Tier1 suppliers in South America and the US in diverse application fields such as Gasoline/Diesel/Transmission, Performance Vehicles, Hybrid/Electric, Off-Highway and Automated Driving & Active Safety.  Contact Henrique