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Keep Bugs and Zombie Code out of your Embedded Systems Product Development

Zombie code are those pieces of “undead” software and code designs that nobody wants to change, or the change requests are in the backlog due to late discovery. This article contrasts a traditional embedded software development workflow with a workflow using ETAS SCODE-ANALYZER which results in a 100% complete and consistent design without bugs or superfluous code.

The Keys to it All – the Virtual ECU and Software Engineering

Simply put, the virtual ECU is a digital twin of the real ECU. It contains all the necessary components and functions that replicate the behavior of a real ECU without the dependency on hardware. This allows the virtual ECU to be run anywhere – on a standard PC or laptop or the cloud. Ideally, the virtual ECU is developed in parallel to the real ECU software that outlines how components work together and functions behave in the vehicle.