Empowering Tomorrow’s Automotive Software

The automotive industry is experiencing change at a tremendous rate. The software defined vehicle is leading the future of mobility – the car is rapidly becoming an electronic device on wheels. Empowering Tomorrow’s Automotive Software will look at how electrification, automation and connectivity are impacting the industry, from changing the development process and software architecture to how data is generated and processed.

Meet Our Host

Eric Cesa

Vice President, ETAS | Host

Eric is an experienced technology executive with a 25+ year track record of delivering results within the automotive industry. Passionate about leading diverse teams, cultivating relationships across boundaries and building overachieving organizations, he thrives on rolling up his sleeves, working with customers to understand their problems, and driving organizations to deliver impactful solutions.

Podcast Episodes

Cybersecurity Regulations and Frameworks

In this episode, you'll hear from three ETAS experts talk about the various frameworks and regulations in place and being developed for vehicle cybersecurity. Marc-Oliver Schandera from ETAS Germany, Joseph Kamel from ETAS France and Chris Lupini from ETAS North America discuss why frameworks and regulations are needed and how they can help OEMs and suppliers. With an uptick in cybersecurity attacks, standardizing how things are done and analyzed is becoming even more important. Listen to what the group has to say and let us know your thoughts!

An Honest Look at the Software-Defined Vehicle - A Conversation with QNX

We're excited to have another industry leader, John Wall, Sr. VP and Head of BlackBerry QNX, join Eric to talk about the software-defined vehicle. Eric and John touch on a lot of current topics, including challenges that need to be addressed to make the software-defined vehicle a reality, realistic timing in terms of when we will see true software-defined vehicle, the industry's mindset on change, open-source software, and what role QNX is playing in the software-defined vehicle space. They pack a lot of valuable insight into 25 minutes!

Open-source Software and the Software-Defined Vehicle - A Conversation with Red Hat

We're honored to have Francis Chow from Red Hat, a leader in open-source solutions, join Eric for a conversation about the software-defined vehicle (SDV) and the role open-source software will play. They touch on what the SDV is/means, how open-source software can help bring the automotive industry "up to speed" with other industries (e.g., cell phones), how E/E architecture needs to change to support SDV and more!

Bringing the Cloud to Automotive - A Conversation with Microsoft

In this episode, Eric Cesa sits down with Boris Scholl, Chief Architect, Partner - Cloud&AI at Microsoft.  Eric and Boris have an interesting conversation about the changing automotive industry and how stakeholders can learn from other industries, specifically software, to drive this change and meet consumers expectations. Topics include increasing the release velocity of certain functionalities, open-source software, Microsoft's role and a lot more.  

The Software-Defined Vehicle's Impact on Automakers

In this episode, Eric Cesa is joined by ETAS colleagues, Tim Weber and Jason Simon to talk about the impact the software-defined vehicle will have on OEMs in the automotive industry, and what OEMs will (and should) expect from other industry players to help bring software-defined vehicles to the market. It's a big change for the auto industry - basing vehicles on software rather than hardware - and this conversation brings to light what we can expect during the transition.

An Overview of the Software-Defined Vehicle

In our first, full-length episode, Eric Cesa is joined by Christoph Hartung, President and Chairman of the Board of Management for ETAS GmbH. Eric and Christoph take listeners through an overview of the software-defined vehicle - what it is, how it will impact the industry and challenges associated with such a significant change. It's an interesting discussion for those familiar with and new to the software-defined vehicle.