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During development, test and calibration of electronic systems of next-generation vehicles, large volumes of data is generated. The current practice is to gather data in test vehicles, save data files onto the end user’s computer, then analyze the data. When the analysis is finished, these data files usually end up on the user’s computer or somewhere on the company’s file storage, but not in a managed database. if a similar situation needs to be analyzed again later, the user will need to gather the same data over again and then analyze the data once more. This process often repeats several times during the pre-start of production phase.

ETAS’ EADM (Enterprise Automotive Data Management) solution solves this problem. With EADM, end users can store all of the data they produce in a secured distributed environment and search it again later with just the touch of a button. It completely changes the relationship between end user and data- the user can leverage and access all previously collected development data from anywhere and get the results instantly.

EADM’s core is Hadoop based, and it is carefully engineered to take popular transportation measurement files. It parses all of the data into a structured format and distributed it onto all of the available data nodes. When there is a need to search for certain criteria, it can quickly dive into the data lake and narrow down the files that match these criteria. EADM is flexible and scalable and can be installed onto existing on premise Hadoop infrastructures or distributed onto popular Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. EADM can work on a two node cluster environment or operate on a 400 node mega computing farm.

“EADM is a game changer,” says Jerry Chen, Field Application Engineer, Big Data, at ETAS Inc. “Users can retrieve all previously collected development data at ludicrously awesome speeds and reuse as desired…it’s basically Google search for automotive”.


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