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Why the auto industry needs a standardized operating system

Why cars will need a standardized operating system

Standard safety and control electronic control units (ECUs) – braking systems, power windows – have been standardized in AUTOSAR for almost 20 years. The software in these ECUs is comparatively simple; the largest have a few megabytes of code. On

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Keep Bugs and Zombie Code out of your Embedded Systems Product Development

Zombie code are those pieces of “undead” software and code designs that nobody wants to change, or the change requests are in the backlog due to late discovery. This article contrasts a traditional embedded software development workflow with a workflow using ETAS SCODE-ANALYZER which results in a 100% complete and consistent design without bugs or superfluous code.

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Virtual Calibration – Reducing Resources, Time

Virtual Calibration

Virtual calibration addresses OEMs’ shortage of budget, time and people with the right skills to properly perform all the calibration activities needed to launch a new vehicle. It also provides value in product development as well as post-production where it can help avoid costly warranty fixes by finding the root cause of the issue.

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All you need is a laptop … and a virtual ECU

These days, COSYM allows us to continue software development without skipping a beat and without having to haul hardware from work to home office. As we return to our office/lab environments, COSYM will help us meet the demands of ADAS development.

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ETAS and BlackBerry Coming Together for Adaptive AUTOSAR

The partnership between ETAS and Blackberry will integrate the BlackBerry QNX real-time operating system and hypervisor and the RTA-VRTE adaptive platform.

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