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The Keys to it All – the Virtual ECU and Software Engineering

Simply put, the virtual ECU is a digital twin of the real ECU. It contains all the necessary components and functions that replicate the behavior of a real ECU without the dependency on hardware. This allows the virtual ECU to be run anywhere – on a standard PC or laptop or the cloud. Ideally, the virtual ECU is developed in parallel to the real ECU software that outlines how components work together and functions behave in the vehicle. 

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Virtual Validation and Verification for Embedded Systems

Virtual Validation and Verification

Virtualization of validation and verification will result in better testing, faster. It’s another solution in our continuous development of our new world of working from home. Set up a virtual vehicle, put in the virtual controllers and let he work begin – all with little human oversight.

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Automotive Testing in the Virtual World

As vehicles become increasingly complex and the software content grows, vehicle development experts are relying on simulation or virtual testing of vehicle systems to recreate real-world scenarios, eliminating the need to develop a physical part or test vehicle to identify and correct problems. 

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