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AUTOSAR Security – A Holistic Approach

The automotive industry is facing a dramatic transformation that brings fundamental changes to vehicle E/E architectures in the connected and automated driving environment. Designs are shifting from many application-specific ECUs to a few high-performance domain controllers with bundled functionalities. This technical engineering trend imposes a consolidation of automotive cybersecurity and a change of the AUTOSAR architecture.

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Security Risk Analysis in the Automotive Industry

Security Risk Analysis

No industry is immune from cyber attacks.
The number of cybersecurity incidents is increasing every year since more devices are connected to a network and perform calculations on different types of sensitive data that is attractive to attackers.

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Ready for ADAS and Beyond: The Evolution of the ETAS ETK

Automotive Embedded Control Units (ECUs) which feature numerous sophisticated software functions are crucial to attain today’s high vehicle standards in terms of performance, safety, responsiveness, drivability, fuel savings and emissions.
To develop and calibrate these ECU functions, direct access to the ECU measurement variables and control parameters via the ECU memory is required, and that’s where the ETAS ETK comes in.

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