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Optimal vehicle security starts in the design phase

“I’ll deal with it when it happens’ may be okay for some situations, but not for vehicle security. Optimal vehicle security starts in the design phase. Hardware security modules (HSMs) are physical computing devices in a vehicle controller, which safeguard and manage digital keys, perform encryption and decryption functions for digital signatures and more – they are the key pillar to an effective vehicle security system.

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Are you ready for new OEM HSM specifications?

OEM HSM specifications are constantly evolving. Trying to keep up or update your software internally takes time and resources. ESCRYPT’s CycurHSM is pre-configured HSM firmware that eliminates months of development time, getting you ready for model year 2023.

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The Full AUTOSAR Solution — Not Just Bits and Pieces

ETAS and ESCRYPT provide the building blocks you need to create your safe and secure AUTOSAR ECU, together with the expertise to help you on your way quickly and painlessly.

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