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Defining the software-defined vehicle

Simply put, a software-defined vehicle is a vehicle with features and functions that are enabled through software. This is different from today’s vehicles, which are primarily hardware-based platforms. A software-defined vehicle needs to simultaneously run multiple applications that are built on a standard operating system, similar to today’s computers and mobile phones. In automotive, this standard operating system is called middleware. As the operating system, middleware provides a foundation for basic functionality, including communication, memory management, scheduling, input/output/access to vehicle data, and Internet connectivity.

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Solving Algebraic Loops with Constraint Graphs

ETAS SCODE-CONGRA is an acausal modeling tool that enables dealing with math problems in a unique, graphical way. As constraint graphs reveal structural properties of equation-based models, in this article we examine a special structure: Algebraic loops.

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From Equations to Code with Constraint Graphs

Mathematical models of physical processes are essential in modern embedded function development. Having obtained a model that is based on equations, implementation often enough means to solve math puzzles – manually. If that’s not your idea of fun, find out how model implementation with ETAS SCODE-CONGRA is done in three quick steps.

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On the road to the software-defined vehicle

Software-defined vehicle

The software of future vehicles will be developed differently. And the industry is making progress. You can see the beginning of a shift from today’s traditional, model-based software development approach and tools to the way classic IT develops software. We are moving toward DevOps,developer communities, open source, and cloud technologies.

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Why the auto industry needs a standardized operating system

Why cars will need a standardized operating system

Standard safety and control electronic control units (ECUs) – braking systems, power windows – have been standardized in AUTOSAR for almost 20 years. The software in these ECUs is comparatively simple; the largest have a few megabytes of code. On

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