The Full AUTOSAR Solution — Not Just Bits and Pieces

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Overcoming a Steep Learning Curve

Creating an AUTOSAR ECU can be a complex undertaking, even for those of us who have decades of experience creating automotive ECUs. Now imagine if you have a younger team of capable but inexperienced software engineers.  Their learning curve is quite steep – in a short time, the team will need to understand the following:

  • OEM requirements artefacts (Network descriptions, ECU Extracts, Partial EcuCValues)
  • AUTOSAR Architecture and Workflows
  • AUTOSAR tools
  • Functional Safety Requirements and Implementation
  • Security Requirements and Implementation

ETAS’ Solution

Having worked with many customers over the years, we’ve come across a variety of different team structures and competencies. Therefore, our goal is to offer a total solution that is tailored to meet your needs. We have a worldwide team of experienced embedded software experts and consultants that can assist in your development. Our experts can help your team navigate AUTOSAR implementation, understand OEM requirements and general automotive ECU design topics. Our goal is to scale our complete AUTOSAR offering to your environment.

What are the pieces you need?

ETAS is one of very few companies that has capabilities in AUTOSAR, functional safety, and embedded security and can therefore provide the full solution.


The starting point is our complete AUTOSAR Tooling and Basic Software stack, forming the backbone of your safe and secure ECU. 

Complete AUTOSAR Tooling and Software from ETAS

The ETAS-ISOLAR family of tools delivers the necessary front end for the AUTOSAR Authoring, ECU Configuration workflows as well as a Virtual Testing and Validation platform

Our RTA-BSW offering provides a complete AR 4.x stack supporting up to ASIL D requirements, and a complete security stack integrating our CycurHSM firmware:

Putting it all together: RTA-BSW Starter Kits

Having all of the pieces is nice, but putting them together for the first time can be a very daunting challenge for an inexperienced team.  This is where our RTA-BSW Starter Kits come in. The RTA Starter Kit provides all of the necessary software tools and evaluation licenses, together with example application software and example configurations. It features a full AUTOSAR basic software stack, containing runtime environment (RTE), Operating System (OS), Communications, Memory, and Diagnostics stacks including a micro-controller abstraction layer (MCAL) for a specific micro-controller/compiler combination. In addition, our Starter Kits come with a full build system, start up code, and debugger scripts to give you a turnkey start to your AUTOSAR project. 

The Starter Kit comes with a standard two-day training package, which helps new users quickly come up to speed on the AUTOSAR architecture as well as the workflows to create an ECU.

Functional Safety

ETAS offers a multitude of products and consulting to help you meet the functional safety requirements of your ECU. Our RTA-BSW product is developed as a Safety Element out of Context, and can be used in systems with up to ASIL D requirements, fully supporting freedom from interference concepts.

ETAS’ safety package in a nutshell:

  • Safety manuals for defining all required tasks to achieve and maintain the desired ASIL
  • Safety case demonstrating ETAS software developed according to ISO26262
  • TUV SÜD certificates for RTA-OS and RTA-RTE
  • [Optional] Identification of any gap between safety requirements and supported BSW features for achieving full compliance
  • [Optional] Consulting support for customer-specific safety requirements
  • [Optional] Consulting for safety reviews including BSW configuration 

Security by ESCRYPT

ESCRYPT is ETAS’ subsidiary specializing in security solutions for embedded systems, as well as consulting and services for enterprise security and IT-secured manufacturing.  ESCRYPT’s team of cybersecurity consultants can help you achieve an adequate security level for your ECUs and offers solutions for all aspects of the system’s security.

Security is not a feature that can be integrated into an embedded system in a single step. It is an ever more crucial requirement that must be considered as part of a holistic approach throughout the entire development life cycle of an embedded system.


Services range from consulting and support in all related areas to user-friendly software products to enable easy implementation of security features.

e2 ESCRYPT’s embedded HSM firmware, CycurHSM, enables Tier1s to fully comply with OEM security requirements by providing a straight-forward plug and play solution for automotive HSM controller.

CycurHSM supports:

  • advanced use cases such as runtime manipulation detection, priority based job scheduling, and configurable trusted boot functionality
  • all lead automotive controller platforms
  • standardized APIs for different micro controllers
  • ASPICE, ISO26262, ASIL D


We can help!

If you haven’t guessed it by now, the ETAS AUTOSAR engineers have years of automotive software design and architecture experience.  Our team of globally available automotive embedded experts can support you on-site or off-site, as desired, to help you overcome any potential learning curves.

The ESCRYPT security engineers can look back at numerous projects in various industries, and have a deep understanding of the requirements and specific challenges of all stages of the security life cycle.

Together, ETAS and ESCRYPT provide not only the pieces you need to create your safe and secure AUTOSAR ECU, but also the expertise to help you on your way quickly and painlessly.

Talk to us!

Comment below with any questions you may have.  To get started or for more information, please contact us!