Future-proof solutions for (H)EV propulsion system and component development
Future-proof solutions for (H)EV propulsion system and component development

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Because embedded control systems in electric and hybrid electric vehicles are continuously evolving and becoming more complex, having minimally invasive, real-time measurement and calibration access is ideal. You also want to have precise synchronization of the measured data from multiple data sources, including the electronic control unit (ECU), CAN bus, other vehicle buses as well as external environmental data (e.g. temperature, GPS, voltage, etc.).

And this is where ETAS solutions can help. For several years, our XETK technology with trace measurement has been used to record data of hybrid and electric motor con­trol systems at high-speed rates.  In addition, this capability enables measurement of individual cell parameters of large battery packs.  Customers are able to measure large quantities of data from the battery pack, which is required to monitor the overall health of the pack.

However, this capability is not enough as future inverter systems will be required to control with much higher frequencies and that’s where a number of our products come in:

Solutions for validating and calibrating electronic systems in the vehicle and on the dynamometer

ETAS INCA for Measurement and Calibration
ETAS’ industry-leading PC-based measurement, calibra­tion and diagnostic software platform, extensively used through­out the transportation industry. The open interfaces of INCA enable the integration of third-party power analyzers.

FETK ECU Interface
ETAS’ interface solution capable of capturing fast rates used by inverter ECUs for motor control applications. Can acquire software variables at a rate as fast as 200KHz.

ES89x FETK ECU and Bus Interface Modules
The ES891/ES892 ECU and Bus Interface Modules are critical components to the modular ES800 Measurement, Calibration, and Prototyping System. The ES89x modules are capable of synchronizing all data sources with a time-stamp accuracy of 1μs.

ES4xx Measurement Modules
These robust (IP67) modules cover a wide range of applications such as voltage, current, temperature and frequency measurement. They also have the capability to precisely measure high voltages and currents – critical parameters necessary to validate intended EV propulsion system operation. For example, the ES415 can measure up to 100KHz, enabling high-fidelity measurement of inverter signals.

Automotive Ethernet
ETAS can help with your Automotive Ethernet use cases by offering a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and media converters that enables Automotive Ethernet integration into the well-known INCA measurement and calibration platform.

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